Here at Plant&Co LTD Painting’s in-house customer blast and spray shop, our services can be put to use to ensure that your equipment will come out looking as good as new. Our skilled team of craftsmen will work with a variety of coatings to get your equipment just the way you want it. Our team will prepare your machinery from start to finish. We will use abrasive blasting technologies to strip any old paint and corrosion from your equipment to ensure that our coatings will last long.

So if you wish to have the equipment you purchase from us looking like new our team can then provide our excellent shop painting services to rejuvenate your equipment and have it looking brand new. Do you have company colors? No problem for us. We’ll help you design a color scheme to make you proud of your equipment, and make you look more professional as well.



It is a vital part of a company’s image to have new and fresh-looking plant and machinery. Equipment which is worn and old-looking can look unreliable, sending the wrong message to existing clients and putting off potential new ones.  This is why we offer a comprehensive painting service to make all your plant and machinery looking fresh and ready for action.

Our technicians will blast away any existing paint, along with any potentially damaging corrosion. Then they will respray using heavy duty machinery paint to ensure the best performance from your equipment. Our repainting work can range from a simple single colour change to a complex liveried paint job, depending on the needs of the customer.




Occasionally, used plant and machinery will require repairs or renovation to ensure it is working at stop specifications. Here at Plant&Co LTD our custom capable metal design and fabrication shop offers a wide variety of material processing services to cater to any such requirements. Our workshops are home to an impressive range of technology and tools.

Our metal fabrication services utilise a variety of processes used to manipulate steel and other metals, including cutting, forming, rolling, sawing and flattening. This provides customers with a one-stop shop for their fabrication requirements, as our services have been carefully developed to seamlessly interface with each other.



In such a heavy-duty sector as demolition and construction, plant and machinery can often become damaged by accidents or just everyday wear and tear. That is why Plant&Co LTD offers a full body rebuild service to keep all equipment working at its best and to prevent essential plant being out of commission for too long.

Our engineers can fix anything from minor dings to major collision damage, restoring structural integrity, strength and a professional look to your equipment. Our rebuild jobs begin with repairing any frame damage, including frame realignment, and continue until every last dent and scrape is dealt with, leaving your plant and machinery as good as new.


Qualified engineers

One of the reasons we are so confident in the quality of our new and used equipment, is the quality of our technical specialists. Everything we buy for resale is rigorously checked by our in-house team of fully-qualified engineers and mechanics to make sure that you need never worry about your new equipment’s safety or reliability.

By keeping our technical specialists in-house, we can also ensure that help and assistance with repairs and reworking is never far away, making us a natural choice for any client who requires repairs, rebuilds or repainting work on their plant. Our engineers and technicians are available for you.



  • Our technicians assess the plant to see what is required – whether it’s a major rebuild or a simple paint job.
  • If fabrication or welding work needs to be done, then that receives priority, ensuring the plant is first and foremost structurally sound.
  • Body rebuilding is the next stage, where necessary, to keep the plant operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Before the cosmetic stages can commence, we test all repairs and rebuilds for strength and durability.
  • Any necessary repairs or rebuilds have now been completed, so now the repainting process can take place.
  • With a complete overhaul of its bodywork plus a spanking new paint job, the plant is ready for action.


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